Why It’s Important to Wear Comfortable Clothes as an Event Photographer


Being an event photographer can be a highly challenging profession. Aside from worrying about capturing perfect moments, you are also exposed to all elements. For wedding photographers, engagement shoots and weddings may be held in venues that can get uncomfortable if you do not equip yourself with the proper clothes. Moreover, photographers may be put under the pressure of event managers who would direct the creative process and even put it in an Android app event planning tool.

Here are some reasons why you should always remember to be yourself and wear the most comfortable clothes you can think of. As long as you look presentable and professional, it really wouldn’t matter what other people would think. What matters is that you take beautiful pictures for your client’s satisfaction.

1.) The weather can change instantly.

When doing photo shoots, the weather can become very unpredictable. One moment the sun is out, and the next it may be pouring like crazy. For this reason, you should dress comfortably for the weather and try to layer your clothes. For colder seasons, this gives you the freedom to regulate your body temperature better. When you are doing an outdoor shoot, you would not want to work for hours while being in the cold. It would affect your focus and this in turn may affect the quality of your pictures.

2.) You may be holding your camera at varying and challenging positions.

One of the greatest challenges in being an event photographer is to shoot at the perfect angle. This may involve subjecting yourself to various positions such as tiptoeing or even lying down on the ground to get a low-angle shot. It’s therefore important that you use upper and lower clothes that are stretchable and that do not easily expose your skin when you are doing awkward positions.

3.) Your confidence slightly depends on your comfort.

Like everything related to your performance, your confidence can always be affected by your comfort. This is the reason why you should always prepare beforehand and try to do complete event planning.

It’s important to do some mind-setting before the shoot as well. You should mentally prepare yourself for the stress of the day so that you will be more relaxed as you do photoshoots that can run for hours – depending on the nature of your event.

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