Ways to Promote Your Pictures as an Event Photographer


Being an event photographer is no easy task. While people who are not well-versed with photography may simply think that you’re just toting your camera around, the truth is that the creative process involves so many more steps than just simply clicking the shutter button.

One of the biggest challenge is promoting your pictures for an event. Of course, this is if you have legal rights to publish the pictures you have taken. Some clients are very particular with their ownership and would not want you to publish any pictures you took from their event.

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Without further ado, here are three ways to promote your pictures after an event.

1.) Publish pictures straight to the event software.

If you are working with event organizers who are using a third-party software to create their event website, you may ask for admin access so that you can upload pictures straight from the event booking software. This type of software allows you to create your event website through a simple CMS. You can simply use an image module in the website so that you can upload pictures in bulk and everything can be viewable by the attendees when they visit the website.

2.) Use the power of social media.

Another logical option is to use the power of social media to promote your photography services. Social media websites like Facebook and Instagram can be used as efficient channels to let the world know how skilled you are as a photographer. In Facebook, you can also create a company page where people can give you ratings based on their experience. If you are a highly-skilled professional with good client relationships, you will be getting great reviews from clients and this will in turn encourage potential clients to use your services in the future.

3.) Create your own website.

Last but not the least, you may want to invest in creating your own website. If you do not have web development or SEO skills, you may hire other professionals to do this for you. Aside from simply uploading your best works to your website, an SEO expert can write blogs for you to help your website rank better in Google. This is so that when people look for a photographer in your area, you will appear on the first page of the search engine and there will be more chances for people to contact you.

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